It started with George Floyd. Wrong, it started with Trayvon Martin. Wrong again, was it Martin Luther King then? Or Malcolm X? Or Emmett Till? Wrong, wrong, wrong. 

It started with centuries of slavery. It started with the disregard for Black lives. It started when the systems that are supposed to protect everyone, killed Black lives. 

So yes, Black Lives Matter. Fighting for Black lives is not a fight that Black people should have to do alone. It's everyones fight because we've all benefited from the very system that kills them. I joined my own community in the Black Lives Matter protest and captured their love, pain, and resilience through my lens.


Downtown, it's where you find the roots of the city. The stunning architecture from decades ago. The kind people and local businesses. The beautiful artwork by local artists. Whenever people want street photoshoots, they go to downtown Toronto because that's where the cool buildings, aesthetic places and graffiti alleys are right? Actually no, I recently realized that even the places we would never think of, such as downtown Brampton, has so much beauty to it. It's just a matter of opening your eyes to see it.

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