Director, Cinematographer & Editor

This is one of my favourite videos. This was a spontaneous shoot. Nothing in it was preplanned, which made it that much more exciting to work on. When I arrived at Bianca's (the model) house, I was there with the intention of getting some headshots for her writing portfolio. While I was sitting in her rooom waiting for her to get ready, I started noticing the things on her desk and around her room. I've known Bianca for years, but just looking at the things in her room made me feel instantly closer to her- as if I understood her better. One of the things I learned is how much she struggles with creative block. In that moment I asked for a piece of paper and pencil to make a story board for this video idea. Although we were both fond of the idea, we realized that I have never directed before and she has never acted before. Even though it's only a one minute video, both of those roles are vital in carrying out the idea.

Despite never doing either roles, we decided to just go for it. It was a cool experience having to direct, but there were obvious frustrations. I wasn't sure how to explain properly what I wanted her do which led to retaking some of the shots multiple times. Additionally, since we never planned for this, we didn't have the right equipment either. We found an old flashlight and decided to use that as the prime light source. It was a whole shoot of just winging it but we were verys satisfied with how it turned out. 

This reminded me that it's okay to just go with the flow sometimes. I'm someone that likes to plan a lot before a shoot because I'm too scared to show up unprepared. While it's still important to plan, it's also important to understand that it's okay to throw away your plan if it doesn't suit the circumstances. Some of our best ideas come when we least expect it and this was one of those instances.