Cinematographer & Editor

This was a short documentary film that I filmed and edited for a group project. Due to the pandemic, university has been online which has made group work that much more harder. With this project, we should have add a director, cinematographer, audio collector, and editor present during the shoot. However, since we couldn't meet up, as the cinematographer I had to do all those roles by myself. I consider filming to be my forte, I have no problem doing it. However, having to do all the other roles simultaneously was very hard and stressful. 

There were often times where I would roll the camera but then forget to collect audio which not only wasted my own time but also the time of my subjects. Apart from that, I forgot to charge one of my camera batteries as well. So when my first battery died, I wasn't able to continue shooting as my other battery was not charged as well. As a result, I wasn't able to get enough b-roll footage. 

When I was editing I realized how much of a problem the lack of b-roll was. I wanted to call my subjects and ask to reshoot for b-roll but they were very busy as well. That's when I remembered that I had previously gone to one of their events when I was first starting out as a videographer nd shot a lot of clips. Although I never edited them into a highlight video before, I got to use them in this video. Ever since that shoot, I always make sure my batteries are charged and that I give myself enough time to get as many shots as possible. There's nothing wrong with overshooting, I'd much rather have tons of footage than barely any footage.